How to Prep Gutters for a Spring or Summer Storm

By anderson

  • April 7, 2016
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Although it’s always nice to have the holiday season during the winter, the weather that time of year isn’t nearly as enjoyable. Now that we’ve passed the winter months and are firmly in spring, it won’t be long until summer arrives. The warmer weather this time of the year means it’s easy to enjoy spending time outside. But it also means a different issue that’s important to know about. Specifically, rain this time of the year can start falling out of the sky at a very rapid pace. And whenever this happens, streets aren’t the only area that is at risk of flooding. It’s time to think about your gutters and if they’re ready to  withstand some of our Spring and Summer storms.

Heavy rains that seem to come out of nowhere can also cause flooding issues for Cincinnati homeowners. This is especially true if a home has any issues with its roof or gutters. If you want to be sure to avoid those types of problems, here’s what you need to know:

Inspect Your Roof’s Overall Condition

There are times when problems with a roof can be hard to spot. However, it’s often quite easy to see if something is wrong with a roof. All you have to do is look. That’s why the best place to start is recruiting a friend or family member to help you securely climb up a ladder. Once you’re up there, you’ll want to look around as much of your roof and gutters as you can for any signs of damage. Potential issues you may see can range from a small crack to something as severe as a hole.

Trim Back Foliage

When it gets windy, branches can scrape against a roof and its gutters on an ongoing basis. That’s why one of the best things you can do to protect these areas is to trim back your foliage. An added benefit of doing this trimming is it will prevent moisture from having a place where it can accumulate against your roof or gutters.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Unless you’ve cleaned out your gutters within the last few weeks, now is the time to take this action. A thorough cleaning will allow you to get rid of any debris that may prevent gutters from functioning properly.

Don’t Procrastinate with Repairs

If you noticed any damage during your inspection, don’t wait to fix the problem. The sooner you can get a problem fixed, the less likely you’ll end up with a serious problem that is quite costly to repair.
Have a problem with your gutters that you’re not sure how to address? Don’t stress about the possibility of flooding occurring during the coming months. Instead, all you need to do is give Anderson Gutter a call. Our expert team will identify exactly what needs to be done and take care of all required work for you. Call us now at 513-668-8666.