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When To Check Your Underground Drainage System

Here in Cincinnati, we get a decent amount of rain and spring often comes with heavy rain and storms. With the weather starting to warm up, it's a great time to assess your underground drainage and ensure that everything is working properly in order to avoid extensive damage and costly repairs. If pipes aren't working properly, it can cause water to start backing up into your home. Pipes are not just for sewer runoff. They are also meant to carry water running off your roof away from your home. If they aren't working properly, the water is not being carried away from your home which leads to pooling in your yard which can result in foundation damage and water getting into your home.

Signs You Need To Check Your Drainage System

1. Your Basement is Flooding When It Rains

A drainage system is meant to carry water away from home when it rains. The water running off of your roof should be flowing thru your gutters, downspouts and then thru the drainage pipes to be carried away from your home. If the pipe is damaged or clogged, then the water that is supposed to be carried away from your house can end up sitting in your yard close to your foundation, which can lead to water leaking into your home and basement causing costly damage. If water is getting in your basement, your gutter system and underground drainage system are a good place to start when troubleshooting what is causing the water to get inside.

2. Water Is Flowing Over The Top Of Your Gutters

Water pouring over the top of your gutters instead of flowing thru, is a sign that there is a drainage issue. A clog in the gutter, downspout or underground drain can lead to this issue. If not addressed, the overflowing gutters can rot siding, ruin paint jobs, cause staining on brick and cause structural damage. In this situation, it's best to contact a professional to pinpoint where the clog is and fix the issue, so the water can flow properly.

3. Downspouts Are Dumping Water

All the water flowing thru the gutters, will travel thru the downspouts into the underground pipes to be directed away from the home. If the underground pipe or the downspout is clogged, it can lead to the water sitting right by the foundation which will lead to water flooding your basement. Some homes, the downspout will flow into the yard, but may require an extender, so the water is being directed far enough away from the home to avoid damage. If the downspout is not flowing into an underground pipe, it may be helpful to add underground pipes or drains to avoid stagnant water sitting in the yard when it rains.

4. Cracks In The Foundation Of Your Home

Foundations often have small cracks that appear as the house settles, but if you notice cracks that concern you then it is important to call a professional immediately to assess the damage and determine the issue. Cracks in the foundation can be a sign that there is an issue with your underground drainage system. Water backing up and not being carried away from your home, can cause foundation damage that will continue to worsen if not addressed immediately. Contact a professional immediately to help avoid anymore damage.

5. Puddles In Your Yard

If your yard often has puddles after it rains and the water seems like it takes forever to fully dry up there could be issues with your underground drainage system or your property could benefit from the addition of a drainage system. The standing water can invite pests, destroy your lawn and jeopardize your home. In this situation, a drain can be added to fix the issue.

6. Disturbed Mulch or Garden Bed

If the mulch in the garden bed next to your home is disturbed it could be caused by your drainage system not working properly. Disturbed mulch or soil near the gutter system is a sign that water is pouring over the top of your gutters which could be caused by a clogged or damaged drainage system. If not addressed, the water will continue to not be carried away from your home which could lead to foundation damage and basement flooding.

In summary, a damaged or clogged drainage system can cause extensive and costly damage to your home. It's best to contact a professional immediately if you notice an issue or concern. The sooner the issue is addressed, the less damage there will be. Anderson Gutter Company addresses all drainage issues and offers free estimates. We are here to help with all or your drainage needs.

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