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Shadow on ground of technician on roof while inspecting the roof and gutter system.
Royal brown louvered shutters alongside windows in a patio area.

Shutters may not seem important in terms of function, but they do actually serve a purpose! Shutters have been around as early as the 15th century with their origins being from Greece. In the beginning, when walls were made of brick or stone, they were placed in the interior of a home and served to 'shut' a window in order to keep out weather and animals. Today, a key purpose is to attract UV light in order to prevent the fading of furniture, flooring and artwork. They can also serve to add another layer of protection from weather as well as to help provide privacy, ventilation and protection.


Anderson Gutter Company can help finish your home's look with Plygem Shutters in multiple styles including, Board + Batten shutters, Open Louvered shutters and Raised Panel shutters. Each of the styles come in 22 standard color options and the Board + Batten Style comes in three or four board shutters in open or closed styles.

4 panel brown board + batten shutter.
Burgundy louvered shutter.
Burgundy raised panel shutter.

Board + Batten Shutter        

Louvered Shutter                    

Raised Panel Shutter



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