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Fascia & Soffit
Repair and Replacement

Fascia and Soffit are an integral part of Gutter and Roofing Systems.

Fascia Board

What is Fascia Board and why is it important?

Fascia Boards are a thin long board that run parallel across the entire roofline where the roof rafters and trusses end. Fascia Boards prevent rafters from rotting, support the roof structure and hold up the gutters. Fascia is attached directly to the lower ends of the roof trusses and heavily supports the bottom row of roof tiles. The primary function of fascia board is to protect your home from interior and exterior moisture related damage.

Common Fascia Board Materials

Wood is the most common material used for Fascia Board, but there are several other materials often used including PVC, Composite  Boards, Vinyl and Aluminum.

Causes of Fascia Damage

*Improperly Installed Roof. The improper installation of a roof allows water to flow down and remain on the fascia board, which will cause the board to rot.

*Gutters not functioning properly. Gutters mount to the fascia board, so any issues with the gutters can lead to fascia board damage. The gutters not functioning properly could be caused by them being installed improperly. The culprit can also be clogged gutters, downspouts or underground drains, which lead to the gutters overflowing causing the fascia board to stay wet. This is a major reason why it is so important to clean your gutters or have a professional clean them several times a year to ensure they are functioning properly.

*Damage caused by extreme weather or accidents.


Cleaning your gutters or having a professional clean them several times a year should be a priority to ensure that they are functioning properly to avoid damage to the fascia board. A professional can also inspect the system to insure it is installed correctly and functioning as it should. If fascia board damage is not addressed, the rot will spread to other parts of the structure which can lead to structural damage and water damage. Rotting fascia board will also lead to the gutters pulling away from the home or falling off completely, which can lead to openings between the roof and gutters giving wildlife access to your home. If you suspect there are issues with your fascia board, our experts are available to inspect and determine if repairs are necessary. 

Fascia Board on Home


Soffit covers the underside of your roof.

Benefits of Soffit include:


Soffit will guide airflow away from delicate areas of your home. Soffit promotes airflow which will help expel hot and humid air.


Soffit covers and protects the eaves of our home from rain and winds. It creates closures in areas where wind could force moisture into crevices of your roof.


Soffit will act as a barrier to your structure, which will lessen any maintenance needed in the long run.

Temperature Control

Soffit promotes the flow of fresh air into attic spaces.


Soffit provides a clean, sleek and finished look to your home.

Soffit Damage

Soffit damage can occur from clogged gutters, leading to overflowing water coming inside the roof, clogged downspouts, presence of pests and insects and prolonged weather exposure.


Protect your home by ensuring your soffit is intact and not damaged. Damaged soffit can lead to more extensive and costly damage if not addressed.

Soffit replacement
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