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Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs are have become a popular choice in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, due to their long life span. Metal Roofs can last from 40 to 70 years. They are durable and can withstand heavy winds, extreme temperatures and exterior fires. They have rust proof coating that prevents corrosion and cracking. Many manufacturer warranties are between 20 and 50 years. Some additional benefits are that they are energy efficient and reduce the cost of cooling homes, they are fully recyclable, come in a variety of colors and boost curb appeal.

Types of Metal Roofs Anderson Gutter Company Installs

Exposed Fastener Panel Metal Roofs are the most economical form of Metal Roofing. They are called exposed fastener because the fasteners remain visible once installed. They are painted to match the color of the roof. The metal roof panels are overlapped and fastened directly to the roof deck or framing through the face of the metal.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs have panels that snap together and don't have exposed fasteners. Standing Seam Roofs allow the panels to expand and contract with changing temperatures, which allows them to last longer and cause less wear and tear on the roof deck. Standing Seam Metal Roofs have a longer life expectancy, which is also why they are more expensive than Exposed Fastener Panel Metal Roofs.

Past Metal Roof Projects

Exposed Fastener Panel Metal Roof Cincinnati
Standing Seam Metal Roof Cincinnati
Metal Roof Installation Cincinnati
Metal Roof Installation Cincinnati
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