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How To Tell If Leak Is Caused By Roof or Gutter System: Diagnosing The Cause Of Home Damage

Diagnosing the cause of a leak in a home is not always the easiest for a homeowner. There are certain factors that contractors look for in helping determine if a leak is caused by the roof or the gutter system. Most homeowners, are not working on roofs and gutters on a daily basis, so aren't fully aware of how roofs and gutter systems are supposed to look when installed correctly which can make it difficult to diagnose the issue without the help of a trained professional. When potential problem areas are right next to each other, it is common to mistake the source of a problem.

Is leak caused by a roof or gutter issue?

  1. If water is coming from a leak between the gutter and the fascia board, it is very likely that it is a gutter problem and that the back of the gutter wasn't installed correctly. Fascia board is a long wooden board behind the gutters on a house. It closes off the gap between walls and the roof and serves as a mount for the gutters.

  2. If the water is leaking between the fascia and the soffit or only from the soffit, that is a good indicator that the leak is coming from your roof. Soffit is underneath the overhang between the roofs edge and the side of the home.

3. If there is water coming from the gutter end caps, downspouts, gutter seams or any other part of the gutter system, then the leak is a problem with the gutter system.

4. If water is flowing into your home thru the ceiling and this area of water leakage is not near the eaves of your roof, or your gutter system, then this is likely a roof issue. Eaves are the borders between the walls of a home and the roof. Eave is the edge of a roof that sticks out or hangs over the homes side.

The scenarios listed above are the most common and are easily misdiagnosed. Improper installation of either system, can cause leakage issues or the system to not work properly and serve its intended purpose. A gutter or roof system that has been improperly installed or has been damaged can cause large and expensive repairs in the future, which is why it is so important to properly diagnose the leak as soon as possible. The roof protects your home from the atmosphere and gutters protect your foundation and basement from water damage. In a future blog, we will discuss the common costs of repairing damages to home caused by a failing gutter system.

Common Signs That Gutters Need Repaired or Replaced

  1. Cracks or splits in your gutter system.

  2. Pools of water near your foundation or sitting water in your yard.

  3. Water marks or damage directly under the gutters.

  4. Gutters sagging.

  5. Water in your basement.

Common Signs That Roof Needs Repaired or Replaced

  1. Water spots on your ceiling and/or interior or exterior walls.

  2. Gutter filled with granules which could indicate your roof is deteriorating.

  3. Missing or broken shingles.

  4. Dark/Black spots on your roof.

At Anderson Gutter Company, we are happy to assess, diagnose and address any of the common signs of damage or an ineffective gutter system and provide a fair estimate. We choose to service and replace gutter systems and underground drainage only because we want to be the best at what we do. By focusing on gutter systems and drainage only, we are able to focus 100% of our time on perfecting the craft, being the leading experts in our field and providing quality customer service to our clients. If you are in need of a reputable roofer or landscaper, we have several that we highly recommend and would be happy to refer our clients to.

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