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Top Reasons To Choose 6 Inch Gutters Over 5 Inch Gutters

When we opened Anderson Gutter Company, we purchased a 5 inch and a 6 inch Gutter Machine. It didn't take us long to personally choose to sell off our 5 inch machine. There were several factors that led to us making that choice that we will discuss below, but the amount of rainfall that we get in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Area is one of the major contributing factors. Whether you are a lifelong resident of the area or a transplant, all it takes is a trip to Coney Island for a view of their flood marker, to get an idea of the amount of rainfall that we get in our area.

With the amount of rain that we get in our area, a large portion of homes will benefit from 6 inch gutters. An expert Gutter Specialist can assess your home for you and help determine the best size gutters for our home.

When choosing the best size of gutters for your home, there are many factors to consider including:

-Size of your home and roof planes

-Roof's Pitch

-Amount of Rainfall in Your Area


Size of Your Home and Roof Planes

The bigger the square footage of the roof, the more water goes into the gutter. The optimal gutter size for a home will depend on the amount of water the gutter needs to handle. 6 inch gutters are able to handle 50% more water than 5 inch gutters. Water capacity is a factor to consider depending on where you live and what the weather is like. If there is a lot of heavy rainfall in your area, 6 inch gutters may be a better option for your home.

Roof's Pitch

A roof's pitch is how steep the roof is and is another factor to consider when choosing the right gutter size. The steeper the roof's pitch is, the faster the water flows down the roof and into the gutters. The gutter size needs to be selected appropriately to accommodate the water accumulation. If the roof has a steep pitch and the gutters aren't big enough, it can lead to the water following down the roof and pouring over the top of the gutters instead of flowing properly into the gutters.

6 Inch Gutters Better Protect Your Fascia Board

The average home has a 3.5 to 5.5 inch fascia board. While 5 inch gutters will leave a 1.5 to 2 inch piece of fascia board exposed to the elements, 6 inch gutters can cover the entire fascia board, making it essentially maintenance free. Since the fascia board would be partially exposed with 5 inch gutters, it should be painted every 3-5 years to prevent deterioration. Most home owners don't have the time to put into painting their fascia board every few years and it isn't even a thing people think about needing to add to a to do list.

6 Inch Gutters Are Easier to Maintain

When it is time to clean your gutters, 6 inch gutters have a wider mouth at the top, making it easier to fit your hand in to remove any debris. Shingles can hang over the gutter 1.5 to 2 inches making it much harder to remove leaves and other debris from 5 inch gutters. Also, 6 inch gutters are installed with bigger downspouts for better water management, so they are less likely to get clogged up because they can handle more water flow and they come with a bigger outlet. The increased water capacity also prevents you from having to install additional downspouts.

6 Inch Gutters Are More Structurally Appealing

If you have a very large home and use a 5 inch gutter, they will look too small. 6 inch gutters look much more structurally sound and appealing. Larger gutters can make your home look more aesthetically appealing and can even increase the value of your home.


6 inch gutters are preferable for many reasons. They can handle 50% more water than 5 inch gutters. The increased size of the gutters and the downspouts allow them to handle more water flow and makes them less likely to get clogged up. 6 inch gutters have a wider opening making them easier to clean. They fully cover the fascia board making it maintenance free and give your home a more structurally appealing appearance.

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